What’s Going on with Tiangong-2?

UPDATE July 13th: CMSEO announced Tiangong-2 is slated to re-enter on July 19th. Beijing has been silent about the Tiangong-2 space station, which is supposed to be reentering the atmosphere this month. The China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO) announced the controlled reentry of Tiangong-2 in July 2019. The decision was reportedly made on September […]

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A Quick Reality Check: Asgardia Does Not Pass The Sniff Test for an Independent State

The proposed “nation” of Asgardia has generated a lot of buzz in the media since its announcement and even more so with its spread through social media. The proposed scientific haven is the brainchild of several key figures in the scientific and academic community. There is plenty of information on the proposal online, so this […]

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Understanding the Legal Status of the Apollo Lunar Samples

The Outer Space Treaty is a greatly misunderstood legal instrument.  While many profess to understand the Treaty, there are many misconceptions about the effect the underlying legal effect the Treaty has on national space activities.  Particularly, there is much misunderstanding about the legal status of the lunar samples acquired by the United States during the […]

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