Thoughts Part 2: Americans for Tax Reform Attempt to Comment on Space Programs

And another sensible post by Christopher Stone.


I am all for being fiscally conservative and use what tax dollars are allocated for space wisely. I am even happy there are groups out there promoting this vision for stability and wisdom of tax dollar use. However, like many other things, I really appreciate when groups do their due diligence to learn the topic they comment on before sending out press releases. Americans for Tax Reform put a posting out this week that, was mildly irritating due to its tone.

Here’s the thing. They are correct to say that people have been trying to politicize the Falcon 9 pad explosion. There are members of Congress that have been doing that. However, SpaceX is also guilty of politicizing their competition and certification efforts as well to gain upper hands in government contracts. If you don’t know where this is coming from and don’t recall where some of this started…

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