A Few Thoughts on the Past Week: Part 1 Very Tired of the False Narrative Regarding the “Journey to Mars”

This mirrors how I feel.


This was an interesting news week with respect to topics of space policy and strategy. I believe some reminders are in order about a few items….especially the article and source document below.


Source document of article (CNN op-ed by Obama) http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/11/opinions/america-will-take-giant-leap-to-mars-barack-obama/index.html

I am tired of pointing this out but this is something that will continue to plague space policy so…its good for another teaching moment. I want everyone to realize that President Obama has no, and had no desire to put people on Mars. I find it funny that people in the space world (professionals and wannabes) seem to not remember what has happened since he came to office regarding our civil and military space programs. Apparently, people really want to believe all the inaccuracies of the narrative that has bene pushed our way since April 2010 by the Obama Administration, and more so since the Mars excitement of those few programs…

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