Reality Check: Chinese “commercial sector” is not what Popular Science makes it out it be…

Nice reality check by Real Space Strategy on the China “commercial space” hype. Notably, it’s this veneer of “commercial space” that will lead to China taking advantage of the U.S. interpretation of Article I and Article II to make a customary interpretation of its own.


One thing I get a kick out of (and find very annoying), is how articles in the mainstream press, even those magazines and journals that profess to be “science” journals don’t bother to do their homework on their statements and information. One key area is that of an article I saw recently on Popular Science online entitled: “China’s Private Space Industry Prepares to Compete with SpaceX and Blue Origin.”

What’s frustrating to me is that the article paints the Chinese companies as if they are some lone, wealthy Chinese citizens who want to push out into space on their own dime and with the freedom to do so. Yet, if you look in between the lines or even in the info they provide, one can see that its not the same as the United States private sector.

Before I get too far into examples from the article, let me…

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