Some recent space leadership phrases to ponder…

An interesting perspective some of the narratives being used to discuss space and space systems by Christopher Stone.


One of my goals for RealSpaceStrategy, was to ensure that my readers have more of the context than is provided in the standard press and speeches to aid in understanding and developing better and more realistic strategy for American spacepower. One of the main themes of late has been on senior government officials and commercial sector leaders making comment on issues of the day with certain rhetorical devices. I would like you all to take a look at two and think about them a bit…ask yourself if they make sense….?

  1. “A War that Extends to Space”
  2. “Contested, Degraded and Operationally Limited Environment (CDO)”

First, I have heard and read that many leaders such as General Hyten have used the phrase “A war that extends to space” to describe what the United States “must prepare for”. Recent SpaceNews articles have quoted him and others on this through various Congressional hearings and…

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