Introducing The Précis

I am pleased to introduce my space law and policy letter The Précis. The Précis is designed to cut through the noise, get to relevant space law and policy issues and analyze them from a no-holds barred perspective. The Précis is designed to take a cold, hard look at the issues and cut through the hyperbole to offer its readers an unvarnished look at the questions and concerns facing the outer space industry. The Précis is intended for a broad audience, including  outer space enthusiasts and advocates, new space companies, students, media, investors, legacy space companies, government and academia.

Precis Issue 1 Website Photo (modified)

The Précis will consist of quarterly issues interspersed with special issues. The first issue of The Précis is being offered from its temporary webpage at a low single-issue introductory price. Subscription rates for individual, corporate and student will soon be available. Subscription rates for  media, academia, government, non-profits and small business can be negotiated.

Plans are for The Précis to eventually migrate to a stand-alone website and other features will become available as the publication matures. Until then, you can purchase The Précis from its temporary home at

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy The Précis.

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