“Reinforcing deterrence”?

Part 3 of Chris Stone’s rebuttal of “resilience” to protect outer space assets.


Author’s note: This is part three of an analysis of a Stratfor article on “Avoiding a War in Space”.

Omar Lamrani continued in his article “Avoiding a War in Space” through a section he labeled “reinforcing deterrence”. Following this odd section title, Mr. Lamrani correctly stated, “If the United States wants to preserve its primacy in the face of increasing threats to its strength in space, Washington will need to invest in strategies to deter attacks on its orbital assets.” This wasn’t a bad statement, albeit some parts of it were a bit off. First, unfortunately, current space policy does not contain the goal of “primacy” and other adjectives such as superiority, supremacy and even pre-eminence have been frowned upon since the Space Posture Review of 2009-10. Instead, terms such as “leadership” and globalist terms such as “extend humanity’s reach” have been preferred. While there is nothing wrong with either…

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