Examining the National Security Space Strategy-Through an Analogy of a Bullied School Boy

I do like the analogy for the current approach of “resiliency”


Editor’s Note: This week, the Secure World Foundation is hosting a lunch discussion regarding an “Examination of the National Security Space Strategy”. As the readers of this blog know, I have a book coming out that deconstructs the fallacies and inadequacies of the NSSS and its related concepts being advocated in the current Administration and some in the career space bureaucracy. They all sound good, until you look at them through real world filters and historical filters.  This entry in the blog will be part one in a series that uses a real world school yard analogy to show some of the issues with the NSSS.

“Avoidance”, “Resiliency”  as Terms of Strategy???

Recently I read a report put out by Omar Lamrani in STRATFOR entitled “Avoiding a War in Space”. While some of the writing in Stratfor has been interesting and sometimes even brilliant, this piece certainly was a bit…

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