Self-Defense: A Matter for “Consensus”?

A more practical take on a recent article in The Space Review, “China’s new space threat and the justification of US pre-emptive self-defense”


In this week’s edition of The Space Review, Brian Chow submitted a brief article to discuss the “justification of US pre-emptive self-defense.”  His focus was related to “space stalkers” that could attack “several critical satellites from such a close proximity that the US would not have time to save them-if it waited until the attacks had actually started.” He also mentioned two other editorials he sent into Defense News where he mentions why pre-emption is justified and needed. I will dig deeper into those arguments at a later date, but for now, I would like to focus on some comments made by Brian Weeden in the discussion forum below the article.

In the discussion forum related to this topic, Brian Weeden stated…:

“I think most reasonable people would agree that self-defense applies in space, including pre-emption….” This starts off well, but then negates this first sentence by following up with…

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