Comments on the SpaceX First Stage Landing

Good assessment of the Falcon 9 launch and first stage recovery and the realities of re-usability by Christopher Stone in his new space policy blog.


If you haven’t seen the video footage yet of the SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage launch and landing yet, take a quick look.

Now for the commentary. First off, congrats to SpaceX for pulling off a challenging feat-landing a first stage, in one piece, on dry land. SpaceX’s video made me wonder where Carson Dailey was…they seem to run commentary of their launches like an MTV music video show complete with crowds of screaming people in the background.

Now comes the real challenge for SpaceX and eventually Blue Origin. Making the claims of cost savings and reusability a reality. For years many space advocates and NewSpace leaders have been pushing for reusable rockets as the way to reduce cost of access to space. It sounds great and one that would be awesome if it becomes reality. However, like many things in the space profession, just because this success has occurred…

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