What’s Going on with Tiangong-2?

UPDATE July 13th: CMSEO announced Tiangong-2 is slated to re-enter on July 19th. Beijing has been silent about the Tiangong-2 space station, which is supposed to be reentering the atmosphere this month. The China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO) announced the controlled reentry of Tiangong-2 in July 2019. The decision was reportedly made on September […]


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An Update…

Space Thoughts has been inactive for awhile due mainly to time constraints and other writing commitments. I am looking forward to this blog and making more updates soon. -MJL

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Orbital ATK v. Walker (DARPA)

The federal district court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled in the above matter on July 12, 2017. I did a short video on the Court’s Order in this matter. The link to the video on YouTube can be found here. Also, I’ve uploaded the Order on DARPA Motion to Dismiss The Order makes […]

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